MFE Lifestyle and Challenge




Studying financial engineering at EPFL is really challenging. The courses require a deep knowledge of mathematical tools, such as stochastic calculus and statistics, but you also need to understand the fundamental principles of finance.

Group assignments, difficult to solve and very time consuming, provide the opportunity to apply concepts seen in class and to develope a sense of teamwork.




Similar to competitive sports, finance is a strongly competitive domain. The MFE challenge is a sport competition between first and second-year students. It takes place during the fall semester. The teams compete in various disciplines, such as football, basketball or bowling.


The aim of the challenge is to develop the sense of competition for the new students, as they will soon realise that there is always competition in the finanical world, but it is also to allow the new students to network with the second-year students. 


Being an MFE student is really time consuming and it is not easy, but there are also nice moments that one will always remember, and by the end of the program, students will be very good financial engineers.